Volume 1 Issue 4 - 2020

Research Article

Combined FDG-PET/Contrast-Enhanced CT in the Diagnosis of Recurrent Colorectal Cancer: A Prospective Monocentric Study

Jenny Tannoury1*,5, Sebastien Mule2,3,5, Emmanuel Itti2,5, Alain Luciani2,3,5, Isabelle Baumgaertner, Hugo Rotkopf1,5, Julie Assaraf1,5, Charlotte Gagniere1, Aurelien Amiot1,5, and Iradj Sobhani1,5

Contrast-enhanced CT scan and 18FDG-PET are used in the staging and surveillance of colorectal cancer (CRC). We here evaluate the feasibility of combined FDG-PET/contrast-enhanced CT in one diagnostic session in the diagnostic of recurrent colorectal cancer...

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Review Article

Viruses: Genetically Encoded Alarm Messages for Communication between Individuals

Alejandro Sousa*

According to the present alert information theory, viruses are not microorganisms external to our body, but their genetic material is already contained in the DNA/RNA of our cells, in what we know as endogenous retroviruses (ERVs)...

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Case Report

Nerves Paralysises Associated to Nasal Obstruction : What Is Your Diagnosis ??

Ilham Rkain1,2*, Safaa Touihmi1 and Hicham mimouni3

A 60 year old man presented with complaints of nasal obstruction (left side), smell disorder , headache and neuralgia on the left side of his face for 2 years, ptosis and diplopia followed by reduction vision of the left side...

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Research Article

A Multidisciplinary Team Required For Prevention and Management of Life Threating Complications Due To Tracheostomy Tube Dislodgement in Critical Care Unit

Dr Deepak Bhandari*, Dr Nabin Krishna Yadav, Dr Hemant Adhikari and Dr Basanta Ghimire

Background: Tracheostomy tube displacement is a major cause of morbidity and mortality related to airway management in critical care unit. The primary aim of this study was to conduct analysis of life threating complication due to tracheostomy dislodgement and develop a protocol to prevent it...

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Short Communication

Differential Diagnosis of Asthma: Bronchial Candidiasis.

Benali A*, El Ouazzani H, Rhorfi IR, Souhi H and Abid A.

Bronchial candidiasis are rare respiratory infections whose diagnosis is difficult and often life-threatening, the occurrence of its infections in immunocompetent is rare and it can pose a problem of differential diagnosis with other pathologies such as asthma and bronchial neoplasia...

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