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ES Journal of Agriculture and Current Research

DOI: 10.59152/ESJACR/1016

ISSN: 2994-9556

Identification of Livestock Production Constraints and Husbandry Practices Reared in Pastoral and Agro-Pastoral Areas of Selamago Woreda of South Omo Zone, Ethiopia

  • Research Article

  • Demerew Getaneh* and Mekete Girma
  • Southern Agricultural Research Institute, Jinka Agricultural Research Center, South Omo, Ethiopia.
  • *Corresponding author: Demerew Getaneh, Southern Agricultural Research Institute, Jinka Agricultural Research Center, Ethiopia.
  • Received: June 06, 2023; Accepted: July 11, 2023; Published: July 13, 2023


Livestock’s raised at pastoral and agro-pastoral areas play important roles. However, due to the aloofness of this area insufficient scientific information has taken place and most of the livestock’s in the areas are seldom studied. This assessment conducted to identify and describe livestock production constraints and husbandry practices in Selamago woreda. The major resource of feed was natural pasture and source of water was from river. A semistructured questionnaire was employed for interviewing 120 randomly selected respondents. Discussions were also held informal way with pastoral and agro-pastoral groups in each surveyed kebeles with the respective development agents and extension facilitator working in the areas. The pastoral and agro–pastoral which are established in arid and semi-arid agro-ecology livestock are reared by all of them. They way of life is associated with the purely livestock based transhumance and nomadic production systems largely based on rangeland and natural vegetation. The major problems reported and cited by the community in their order of importance; animal health problems; lack of improved breeds, forage; recurrent drought, water shortage, conflict and security problem; poor infrastructure and accesses to market alternative. Hence, more emphasis should be given on access to improved breeds and forage technologies with equipped package, affordable animal health service delivery, awareness creation and training on conflict management aspects are need to be introduced in the area.


Livestock Production; Constraints; Selamago Woreda; Pastoral; Agro-Pastoral