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ES Journal of Nutritional Health

DOI: 10.59152/ESJNH/1017

ISSN: 2771-5027

Apple and Apple Products: Properties and Health Benefits

  • Mini Review

  • Farhan Mohiuddin Bhat*, Ranjina Verma and Nilakshi Chauhan
  • Department of Food science, Nutrition & Technolog CSK Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University, Palampur, India
  • Received: April 14, 2023; Accepted: May 19, 2023; Published: May 23, 2023


Apples contain a number of phytochemicals that have been found to possess higher antioxidant and anticancer activity. Apples contain about 85 % water and are rich sources of fibre that makes it best for patients suffering from obesity and heart ailments. Starches, sugars, pectin, cellulose and hemicelluloses accounted for the major principle carbohydrates in apples, the concentration of which varies with ripening stages. The pectin in apple fibres prevents a body from cardiovascular diseases and reduces the hike in blood glucose levels by regulating metabolism of sugars and thus proves a good food for patients with diabetic complications. The flavonoid Quercetin present in apples has been found to be greater in its peels than flesh possess antioxidant, anti cancer, anti viral and anti-inflammatory properties by preventing creation of reactive free radicals.