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ES Journal of Gastroenterology and the Digestive System

DOI: 10.59152/ESJGDS/1002

Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor of the Rectum Associated with Liver Cirrhosis: Case Report and the Review of Literature

  • Review of Literature

  • Chait Yassine1*, Nacir Oussama 1, AitErrami Adil1, Samlani Zouhour1, Krati Khadija1 and Oubaha Sofia1-2
  • 1Departement of Hepato-Gastro-Enterology, Arrazi hospital, Mohammed VI University Hospital Center, Morocco
  • 2Departement of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco
  • Received: April 14, 2023; Accepted: May 22, 2023; Published: May 24, 2023


Gastro intestinal stromal [GIST] tumor are rare mesenchymatous tumors, they develop frequently in the small intestine, stomach, more rarely the esophagus, colon and rectum [1].

GIST’s origin was thought to be smooth muscle or neurogenic for years. In nineteen eighty three, Mazur and Clark suggests that GIST represent a distinctive and unique group of neoplasm with their own biological behavior [2].

The rectal localization of gist is rare, it constitutes approximately 5% of all Gist, and symptoms are usually not specific such as lower bleeding or abdominal pain [3].

For resectable GIST, the main treatment is surgery. However, metastasis as well as recurrence is frequent even with complete surgical resection [4].

We report a case of a 73 years old patient presented with inguinal hernia revealing a rectal GIST as well as liver cirrhosis; the purpose of our report is to describe rectal gist presentation, its radiology aspect, overcome therapeutic challenges due to the patient’s cirrhosis.