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ES Journal of Dental Sciences

DOI: 10.59152/ESJDS/1020

ISSN: 2768-0126

Periodontal Disease and Hypertension: A Mechanistic Link between Local and Systemic Inflammation

  • Research Article

  • Muna S. Elburki*
  • Department of Periodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Benghazi, Libya
  • *Corresponding author: Muna S. Elburki, Department of Periodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Benghazi, Libya
  • Received: Feb 08, 2021; Accepted: Mar 08, 2021; Published: Mar 10, 2021


Objective: To explore the link between hypertension and periodontitis and also to inspect the mechanistic link between local and systemic inflammation.

Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study included 83 subjects (31 male and 52 female) aged 32 to 94 years. Subjects were selected randomly from Out Patient Department (OPD) of the National Heart Center in Benghazi- Libya. A detailed case history which included information about the patient’s overall medical status and oral status was recorded and subjects underwent a complete oral cavity examination administered by a single periodontist. Evaluation of periodontal condition involved probing depth measurement, loss of attachment and bleeding on probing was documented.

Results: The results of this study confirmed a link between hypertension and periodontitis by examining clinical periodontal parameters and general risk factors for cardiovascular in a sample of adult population in Benghazi-Libya. Our data reveal that subjects identified as hypertensive are highly expected to be diagnosed with moderate and severe periodontitis.

Conclusions: The outcomes of this study revealed an important correlation between hypertension and periodontal disease and show a 100% prevalence of the periodontitis in subjects identified as hypertensive and have confirmed that majority of the hypertensive individuals exhibited moderate and severe periodontitis.


Periodontal disease, Periodontitis, Hypertension, Blood pressure, Systemic inflammation.